Institute Eye Prosthesist Fischer

Stephan Fischer | Certified Ocularist
Member of DOG e.V. since 1995 (Deutsche Ocularistische Gesellschaft)

We have been engaged in the making of glass eye prostheses since 1988. For the first time in Germany, we are offering you services based on new technology. The irides of our patients’ eyes are digitally captured and stored, so the colour of your eyes is always on stock.


Treatment based on a special technology: We have been the first in Germany to offer our patients the digital capturing and storage of their eye irides. The photos are taken with a professional digital camera and reproduced on a colour-calibrated monitor. Thus your eye colour is always on stock.

Eye Prosthesis

Owing to the true-to-life reproduction, the fabrication of eye prostheses from glass permits a discreet wearing, a perfect fit and thus a self-confident personal appearance. Kryolith glass, a high-quality special glass, is used for fabricating eye prostheses.


We are very thankful for the courage of some of our patients for agreeing to publish their photos on our webpage.

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Appointments on Saturdays for working persons and patients from abroad!

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